About Us

West Country Bricks is a LEGO user group for adult fans whether they enjoy this hobby through collecting, building, customising or beyond. Our main remit is to give Adult LEGO fans in the south west a point of contact for social occasions, where we can enjoy discussing and sharing our latest progression, passion or discovery about the hobby.

19995853095_86ca47e239_kWest Country Brick is also keen to support the creation and maintaining of local LEGO modelling and collector shows so that fans of all ages can have a chance to see the amazing creations our members put together right on there doorstep!

We meet regularly on the first Friday of every month and any fan of LEGO from the age of 18 onwards is welcome to come along. There is no joining fee or any required commitments to our meetings, we just love to meet with others who share our passion for LEGO.