Barney Main

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The Curious Incident of the Chicken in the Night-Time

I’m Barney. I’m at uni in Bristol, studying engineering design. I’m probably best known for contributing to The Lego Ideas Book and Lego Play book, amongst others. I’m also interested in rugby, robotics and recycling.


What was the first set you bought?
Probably 4153 Large Freestyle Case. It was basically a big blue suitcase full of bricks, with 3 baseplates which slid in to make the lid. I still use it for sorting to this day! It came with a cool poster with loads of wacky building ideas, like a robot house and whale plane.

How long have you been making custom MOCs?
Since I discovered Bricklink! The Colossal Castle Contests on Classic-Castle were important in developing my technique. I used to aim for the Master Builder prize, where you had 2 months to enter 6 or more categories. Such a tight turnaround at a competitive standard really honed my skill. I build much less frequently now, aiming for more unique models.

Cut off their tails with a carving knife

What themes do you build in?
I get dragged into Bricks to the Past historical builds quite a lot! I tend to build what I’m told, when I do models for DK books. If I had my own way, it’d probably be large characters, like my Curious Incident of the Chicken in the Night-time or Three Bears.

What is your best creation?
I’m very fond of The Last Evacuee. The rocks are built using a technic angled framework, developed with James Pegrum. Building the whole thing upside down, clamped in a vice was quite a challenge! British Brickie’s Break is also up there – I really like the lighting in the shot. We had a mini digger in our drive, which was ideal! I’m currently working on a secret project which will be phenomenal when it’s complete. But no spoilers!