Darren Smith

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Owner of Gizmocom LEGO parts store.

Other Interests: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films, TV and books. Computer games (especially LEGO ones!). Family.

I came out of my ‘Dark Ages’ in 1999 when the Star Wars sets were released. This prompted me to find my childhood LEGO from my parents loft with the aim to sell it, but I got hooked and bought all the Satr Wars set instead and the rest is history! I now have one of the biggest collections in the country and 4 years ago started my own business selling LEGO parts when I was (fortunately!) made redundant from my ‘proper’ job.


What was the first set you bought?
The first set I bought when I came out of my dark ages was the Star Wars set 7130: Snowspeeder. The first sets I can remember having as a child were the ‘Lights and Sound’ City set 6450: Mobile Police Truck from 1986 and the 1984 Technic Universal Set, although I did have basic bricks before this including some (shock horror!) clone bricks my parents bought!

How long have you been making custom MOCs?
I have always been more of a collector than a builder, but since joining AFOL groups about 12 years ago I have built a few MOCs a year and have also done some commercial builds. I have been collecting heavily since 1999 and have amassed a collection of several thousands sets and millions of parts.

What themes do you build in?
Most of my own builds have been large scale representations of normal sized LEGO, like a 10X scale Pirate Captain Minifigure a Fire Chief‘s Car set 6611 from 1981 and a 6x scale Minifigure Horse Rider and Horse. As far as collecting goes I have a hard time limiting it to certain themes! I used to collect Star Wars and had all the sets until recently, but now I tend to specialise in things other than normal sets like Polybags, Promotional sets and Modulex (a smaller architectural type of LEGO from the 1960’s).

What is your best creation?
I think my best build was actually a commission piece for Stella McCartney. She wanted models for a new store in Paris that had to have a ‘British’ theme, so I created a 4 foot long London Routemaster bus. I took 3 weeks off work to complete it and didn’t really leave the house much during that time!