Jonathan Ladd

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The-Brick-Ladd Lego Frame Minions-Bapple!!

The-Brick-Ladd Lego Frame Minions-Bapple!!

I Live in Chippenham and am the owner of, I stared this business almost a year ago and we specialise in making gifts from Lego. I still have a day job and that is being a Graphic Designer with 10 years experience.


What was the first set you bought?

When I was first playing with LEGO back in the eary 90s I can remember owning the Eldorado Fortress (set number 6276). Sadly we lost most of our Childhood Lego so no longer have it.

How long have you been making custom MOCs?
I haven’t been a massive MOC builder to date. I started making MOCs and coming up with ideas about a year ago.

Lego Hulk

Lego Hulk

What themes do you build in?
I love anything Marvel based or things that are pixelated. I have a couple of small Super Mario MOCs I have created but want to go further with this theme and look at creating a GIANT Super Mario. Also with the Marvel theme I would like to continue with some of the other Avengers Characters.

What is your best creation?
My greatest accomplishment as a builder would be my GIANT Hulk Minifigure based on the promotional Minifigure that was given out from LEGO a few years ago. I do need to sort the hair out though as feel the sides are a little too flat.