Marc Reid

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Planetary Research Vessel

Ship Name: RE-3891-1 Dimensions: 3.5 miles long x 0.5 miles high: The ships main mission is to gather samples both organic and mineral based from Jupiter and its moons. The ship contains various labs and a crew of over 3,000 scientists and engineers.

I live in Exeter and I am a graphic designer with over 17 years experience in the industry. I have always been into Lego but had a very long dark age until I had my son. I have now found myself re absorbed into the hobby and love the hands on approach to Lego.


What was the first set you bought?
I’m not sure about a first set, but I do remember getting two airport sets one Christmas, must have been around 1980.

How long have you been making custom MOCs?
Only for about 3 years, I messed around making small silly things for a couple of years before that, but then found out about bricklink. And it all changed.


Ship size: 6 miles long by 2.5 Mils wide container size: 1 mile long by 0.5 Miles wide logistics type: earth to jupitors moons date of ship build: 2193 the main use of the ship is for carrying mining equipment and food tech development. Plus supplies and workers.

What themes do you build in?
I don’t really have a theme as such, it’s more a process of what I feel like making at the time. Sometimes I spend ages just thinking about a build before even laying a brick. I do however like spaceships, but not in minifig scale, micro scale is best I feel.

What is your best creation?
I think my most popular one has to be my maersk spaceship, it’s a nice MOC using a simple bit of compositing in the photo to achieve the the floating ship.