Neil Stevens

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My names Neil Stevens, i’m based in Plymouth.


What was the first set you bought?
I remember being really into the space and Blacktron themes as a kid, but I got back into Lego a few years ago when I saw the modular buildings. The first I bought was the Town Hall which is still one of my favourites.

How long have you been making custom MOCs?
I’ve not been making custom MOCs for long, perhaps six months. I’m still trying to build up my Lego collection so that I am able to achieve the big projects that I would like to.

What themes do you build in?
I love the modular buildings and most of my ideas are extensions of this, new buildings to join with my collection. I’m also trying some things with castles at the moment, so I will send pictures of how that turns out!

What is your best creation?
I’m pleased with a castle section that I’m working on now….. but it’s not finished yet!