Ralph Doering

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My name is Ralph Doering. Also known as „dö“. I am an AFOL for over 25 years now, originally from Germany and now living in Bath. When not working on the next MOC, I spend my time within the renewable energy sector. I am very slow on my own creations but hope to upload a lot more onto my galleries very soon:


What was the first set you bought?
The first set I bought from my own money was 920 Rocket Launch Pad. It is still on of my favorite sets together with 924 Space Transporter.

How long have you been making custom MOCs?
I have been collecting LEGO space for a while until 1999 when LEGO started their Star Wars line. This triggered my first MOC as an AFOL: the Millenium Falcon.

What themes do you build in?
Mostly Star Wars with a bit of everything else as well.

What is your best creation?
Hopefully my next version of the Millenium Falcon…