Simon Goodall

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My names Simon Goodall, I’m also known as Drone online. I haven’t got much of a Flickr presence, but I hope to change that. I live and work in Swindon as a Postie. I also like Comics, Film and Football.


What was the first set you bought?
Cant remember my first set, but I just found a huge tub of my old Lego with a few classic Knights and Spacemen in there.

How long have you been making custom MOCs?
Due to a lack of space at home I’m not a huge MOCer. My first major build is currently Helms Deep, which I’m working on at the minute.

What themes do you build in?
I enjoy many themes, obviously history and fantasy. I also like space, Star Wars and military.

What is your best creation?
I also enjoy army building. I currently have a 150 strong Uruk Hai army waiting for their orders. Lord of the Rings was the reason I got back into Lego.